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Tasha Belix

TASHA BELIX, M.A. Registered Psychologist is one of the few professionals in Calgary, Alberta with a practice focused on helping girls aged 8-15 years old reach their true potential. With over 20 years experience working directly with youth and families, Tasha is well recognized for her ability to gain acceptance and trust with girls while helping them work through issues that are usually attributed to adolescent growing pains.

Tasha offers a variety of programs aimed at helping girls navigate their tween and teen years with confidence and success. This can be done in one to one counselling sessions or by attending stimulating, fun group workshops.

For parents, Tasha is a unique, valuable resource: she can be the guiding light towards solving a variety of challenges that come with growing up.  She offers her counseling services to adults and parents as well, drawing tenants of CBT, EMDR and the expressive arts into her work to support people to reach mental health.  

Tasha’s hourly rates are in line with the College of Alberta Psychologist suggested fee, but she will charge a reduce fee of $125/hour for clients referred through the LSU community.  New clients would simply need to tell Tasha how they were recommended.  As a Registered Psychologist, the session receipts are often reimbursed by medical insurance providers or can be submitted with year end taxes.