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August 29, 2016 – Tru Love

Intersections are moments that require our full attention. Simply stopping and looking both ways will not open our eyes to the gifts of who and what is crossing our path. A few weeks ago a friend that has a radio show in Ontario messaged me about a person on a radical spiritual quest. She said, “Traci you have to meet this man. His name isTru Stefan and he has let go of everything so he may be open to recognizing the Sacred in all people and in all encounters. He is writing a book and writing and recording music as he crosses the country alone trusting God to meet his needs for shelter and food. He offers himself through music, teaching and energy shiatsu massage.” Honestly my first thought was, “You had me at massage.”


I emailed Tru and our intersection began. A few emails and telephone conversations later, Tru landed on my doorstep last Friday. When I opened my door my new friend’s  smile set me at ease. His face was illuminated from within and framed by long white curls that graced his broad shoulders beneath a straw fedora. We spent Saturday walking and sharing our stories while we sipped hot tea, admiring our surroundings.  As evening fell we shared a dinner at home that consisted of grilled salmon, olives, artichokes, grilled garlic, cucumbers, sliced tomatoes, three different kinds of Cheese and spiced flat bread, crackers and decadent jellies. Then it happened. Tru took out his guitar and began to share some of the songs he has composed. His eyes, the cadence and sound of his voice paired with a peaceful melodic chart pierced me and moved me closer to the Sacred. I could feel pieces of his story as he played and sang. Then I shared some of my music with him while neighbours slowed down their pace as they walked in front of my open dining room window. On Sunday Tru joined the Praise Band and taught us us a new song The River Flows.. The congregation fell in love with him. We sat down on the chancel and had a conversation in front of the congregation about what it means to live into a calling and a dream. Tru shared 3 more original songs with us and wet our spiritual pallets for a concert he is going to offer to Calgary in our sanctuary in the next few weeks. He is here for awhile, until the Spirit tugs on his heart and says, “Time to go here,” wherever here is. My home has four levels. Tru is temporarily living on the fourth level, I on the third and we meet on the second for conversations of faith, lost love, sweet love, family, friendship and of course food and an occasional glass of wine. Silence or music cascades the second floor where our intersection is second to none. Like Tru, I don’t know what tomorrow holds but I trust who holds tomorrow and I am not in a rush to get there because I don’t want to miss a moment of now. Intersections are holy ground. I am reminded that when I trust the Lord with all my heart and stop relying on my limited understanding while acknowledging that God is with me and knows all my ways of thinking and being, the intersections and perceived or real detours are simply doses of empowerment for my journey. The presence of Tru is a dose of energy from the Giver of Life for all who dare to move beyond looking both ways. May we dare to live greatly. Amen.


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