Traci Hubbard

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 1.37.07 PMTraci has been in ministry for 27 years,10 years being in International Itinerant Ministry as a Keynote Speaker, Worship Leader and Teacher. She composes high energy and personally moving songs for worship, and praise music that congregants share they sing throughout their week and has been contacted by sister UCC congregations requesting to use her music in their worship services. Traci is a narrative preacher who is able to weave theology and humour into her sermons as she connects the message of the biblical stories and their historical context into current events and the imperfections of daily life.

Traci is a RDLM and after a PLAR from the National Office her theological education and training has been approved to be a RDLM through a prior learning assessment by the United Church of Canada.

Traci has two beautiful daughters, Sarah who is married to Nick and Amy who is married to Clayton. She has two grandsons, Luke and Jeremy…THANK YOU SARAH AND NICK!. 

“I know God made me for a purpose but God also made me funny and when I make people laugh I feel God’s pleasure. Laughter softens the heart to receive the Spirit’s message we need transform into the heart of God.” TPH

When Traci is not spending time with family, offering her spiritual gifts in ministry or entertaining friends in her home,  she enjoys beach combing to a ridiculous point.