Jesus welcomed the children and so do we. We love to celebrate the dedication or baptism of your child on a Sunday that suits your family’s needs and our worship plans. We require parents and godparents (if you have any) to take an evening class the week before your child’s dedication or baptism so you can become acquainted with our ministers, get a sense of our faith community and feel comfortable and at home at our Sunday worship service where your child will be dedicated or baptized. Dedication is a ceremony that gives God thanks for your child’s birth into your lives and asks for a commitment to raise your child in a loving home with spiritual values. Dedication leaves it up to the child on whether or not when they are older they will choose to be baptized and follow the ways of Jesus. Baptism is for those parents who want to make a choice and commitment now to raise your child as a Christian and follower of Jesus.

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Once a year in the spring we offer a 7 week course for any youth or adult who wants to explore faith questions. In that 7 weeks we explore the existence and nature of God, the fascinating person of Jesus, the Bible, Prayer and Spirituality, the Meaning of Suffering, the United Church of Canada and anything else the group wants to discuss. After the 7 week class, people can choose to be baptized if they haven’t already and make a public commitment in Sunday morning worship to confirm their vows and continue their spiritual path. If you are already a member of a United Church and want to transfer your membership to Living Spirit you can simply call your former church and ask them to send a transfer of membership to us and let our church know and we will happily receive and welcome you as a new member to Living Spirit during a Sunday morning worship service.